Giving Managers the Tools to Achieve Success.

Delivering on Your Brand Standards

Every business has certain standards they know must be met—every day, everywhere—in order to achieve their vision and mission. We find managers are the key to profitability. By reinforcing positive behaviors that drive your standards home, you can quickly bring about resounding change across your organization. The Manager’s Red Book began as a simple communication tool and evolved into a performance playbook that gets your employees to live the standards you believe in.

Our Values


We come from the service industry, and like you, we know that great service is the only thing that keeps customers coming back.


In between (and even during) all the hard work, we like to have a lot of fun! From inter-office video contests, to fitness challenges, happy hours and Friday lunches, we keep it awesome.


Not sure how to get that project done? We don’t let “the way we’ve always done it” get our way. We value out of the box thinkers who have fresh ways to address challenges!


Humility starts at the top and flows throughout. It’s about responsibility, acknowledging mistakes and never forgetting our humble beginnings.


When you’re here, you’re family. When it’s time to go home, we respect your work-life balance so you can be with your real family.

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“Organization is really important to us and the Manager’s Red Book puts everything in one simple spot. It’s easy to communicate between shifts and since it’s all in one place everyone can be held accountable for their actions.”- Tom Collins, Director of Operations, T&J Pizza Inc. Domino’s