The Manager’s Red Book (and Beyond!)

Give Managers the Tools They Need to Achieve Success

Improve Retention

According to the American Educational Research Association, printed materials deliver higher retention levels and, particularly as content gets longer.

Drive Consistency

Whether you have one location or a thousand, you can replicate the same experience day-to-day and location-to-location so your customers get the same great experience every time.

Improve Communication & Engage Your Team

Keep managers in-the-know regarding what is happening from shift to shift and from day to day. Provide historical references that create community.

Deliver on Your Brand Standards

Get the performance playbook that reinforces positive behaviors that drive your standards home, and quickly bring about resounding change across your organization.

Document Everything

Capture shift notes and document everything from maintenance issues to customer comments.


No more loose papers, random clipboards and sticky notes. The Manager’s Red Book™ consolidates everything into one place so everyone’s on the same page.


Take your Manager’s Red Book to the next level with store-specific or role-specific data. From last year’s sales numbers, key performance drivers, to training, weather or even branded-marketing pages, we take your information, data and pictures and add it to your daily playbook.

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Red Book Keep

Your Red Book’s companion app that allows you to check your team’s performance from anywhere at anytime. Your team is up and running and more accountable in minutes.

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Print on Demand

Enjoy substantial cost savings using our professional Print on Demand services. Save on printing costs by leveraging our in-house print engine. Eliminate outdated materials that go to waste. From menus to posters, any size, any shape, any material, we are here to print for you!

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Product Types

From deposit logs to guest services to the handy Pocket Rocket, there is a solution for every conceivable need.
  • Universal Red Book
  • Custom Red Book
  • Food safety tool kits
  • Line and temp checks
  • Front of the house
  • Maintenance
  • Guest services

Industries We Serve

Different industries have different needs. That’s why we customize our solutions based on the industries we serve.
  • Quick serve
  • Casual dining
  • Full-service dining
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Convenience stores

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