Manager's Red Book™

Give your customers the same great experience every time, at every location. With The Manager’s Red Book, your stores can track critical information, improve shift-to-shift communication and increase employee accountability – all from one convenient location.


Take your Manager’s Red Book to the next level with store-specific or role-specific data. From last year’s sales numbers, key performance drivers, to training, weather or even branded-marketing pages, we take your information, data and pictures and add it to your daily playbook.

Print on Demand

Enjoy substantial cost savings using our professional Print on Demand services. Save on printing costs by leveraging our in-house print engine. Eliminate outdated materials that go to waste. From menus to posters, any size, any shape, any material, we are here to print for you!

Ready to go digital?

A successful shift doesn’t happen on its own. Every day, dozens of tasks have to be executed to make the operation run smoothly. The HotSchedules Logbook keeps all those tasks, maintenance notes and even personnel issues in one spot. Get it as a tab in HotSchedules or as a stand-alone, record-keeping tool that can be managed on-the-go.
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Smart & Effective

No more loose papers, random clipboards and sticky notes. The Manager’s Red Book™ consolidates everything into one place so everyone’s on the same page.

Drive Consistency

Whether you have one location or a thousand, you can replicate the same experience day-to-day and location-to-location so your customers get the same great experience every time.

Improve Communication

Capture shift notes and document everything from maintenance issues to customer comments. Keep managers in-the-know regarding what is happening from shift to shift and from day to day. Provide historical references that create community.

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Manager's Red Book Cover

100,000 managers can’t live without the Manager’s Red Book™

“Whenever we walked into a hotel that wasn’t using The Manager’s Red Book™ there were just a lot of disparate systems. Staff members would write down important tasks, shift notes, or follow-up information, but it would be in individual notebooks and was abbreviated or unorganized. It didn’t work because staff would miss critical information or forget to involve another department, which would ultimately impact the guests’ experience.”“The Manager’s Red Book™ gives us a higher level of confidence in the daily operations.”- Kara Childs, Regional Operations Manager, Colwen Hotels
``We took a lot of the disparate systems and processes from across the franchisees and organized them into the current suite of Management Planners.``- Felicia White, Director of Training, Church’s Chicken
“The Manager’s Red Book™ gives us a higher level of confidence in the daily operations.”- Craig Erlich, Vice President of Operations, Red Mango
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