The Manager’s Red Book

Give your multi-unit operation an easy to use product that allows your team focus on their key daily tasks, requires no technical training, is cost effective, and keeps everyone on the same page toward meeting your brand standards, helping you effectively run your business.

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Custom Solutions

At Red Book Solutions, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to create a customized solution for your business. We’ll ask about your company’s focus, objectives, and areas of concern and work with you to understand the challenges you face today and the key tasks and forms you need to be successful.

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Why do 700 brands rely on The Manager’s Red Book™?

The Simplest Solution is Often the Best Solution

The Simplest Solution is Often the Best Solution

  • Managers desire the fastest and most effective solutions
  • Budget conscious franchisees or restaurant owners don’t want to undertake large startup costs of implementing new technology and training employees
  • No in-house IT or hardware required
  • The MRB is easy to use and does not have a technology learning curve
  • The Red Book team will work with you on a customized solutions versus the “do-it-yourself” approach of digital systems
  • Streamlined updates to books and on-time shipments are easier to process than software upgrades and system maintenance
Why Don’t Corporations Do It Themselves?

Why Don’t Corporations Do It Themselves?

  • Centralized task management is inefficient for locations with key regional differences
  • Updating the processes requires an in-house team to manage
  • Lose out on industry standards and best practices which come from the Red Book’s customer success team
  • It’s cheaper and faster in the long run, to have Manager’s Red Book do this for you
Why the Manager’s Red Book Wins

Why the Manager’s Red Book Wins

  • Customization: there are 2,000 custom versions of the Manager’s Red Book
  • Users collaborate directly with the Red Book team to solve identified problems
  • Red Book’s client services team works diligently to provide ~35,000 pages of revisions every quarter to provide users a customized solution. And these changes are free!
  • Product is easy to use and avoids technological issues (i.e. screen doesn’t break, the battery doesn’t die, and there is no cost of implementation or learning curve for your team)
  • Provides insight into processes as well as a product to manage processes
“Whenever we walked into a hotel that wasn’t using The Manager’s Red Book there were just a lot of disparate systems. Staff members would write down important tasks, shift notes, or follow-up information, but it would be in individual notebooks and was abbreviated or unorganized. It didn’t work because staff would miss critical information or forget to involve another department which would ultimately impact the guests’ experience. The Manager’s Red Book gives us a higher level of confidence in daily operations.”- Regional Operations Manager, Award Winning Hospitality Group
“Markets are created with customers facing a struggle to get a job done, which motivates the purchase. The right solution is the fastest and most effective. We believe the simplest solution is the best solution.”- Bain & Company Market Study
“Pen and paper is the most reliable thing at a small location. We use biometrics for timing, but do everything else by hand because it’s simpler.”- Single-location franchisee, Global Sandwich Chain

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