You Spoke and We Listened!

Since 2012, we have had a Voice of the Customer program that utilizes the Net Promoter Discipline, to collect monthly feedback from our 30,000 loyal customers, and over 100,000 customer locations. Your feedback continues to be invaluable, and we have been delighted when we receive high marks of 9 or a 10 when asked “Would you recommend Red Book Solutions…?” In fact, more than 60% of our new business comes from previous customers or referrals. We continue to listen to your feedback. More importantly, we continue to act upon your feedback and requests. Here is a glimpse of what we have done based on your input:

Self Service Account Management

A Customer Portal was created to allow you to access your invoices, make payments and change shipping addresses online at your convenience. Over 10,000 clients signed up to access the customer portal in the first six months alone. If you have not yet created an account, create one.

Our Digital Logbook

We rolled out our world-class digital Logbook to provide mobile task management, online communication and above store reporting options to all of your locations and management teams. Your feedback is used to prioritize our the product roadmap for our development team. Learn more about the Logbook.

More Efficient and Timely Invoice Generation

We automated our invoice generation to allow your managers to be reimbursed much more quickly. We began with an email for you to log into the portal and quickly received feedback that you would like your invoice emailed. Because of attachments going to spam, we created an invoice letter which has a link to click and print your invoice at your convenience. Then after further requests from many of you, we went one step further and began sending most of invoices in the box along with your products.

These are just some of solutions that we have invested in for you over the past year. From everyone here at Red Book Solutions, a HotSchedules Company, we would like to say thank you, and keep the feedback coming!

Here is a sampling of the comments from some very happy customers:

We recently transitioned to an internal digital logbook solution and it is not user friendly nor very organized in its structure. The Manager’s Red Book continues to be the one and only effective method to manager communication at my restaurant. I have been using it for years and nothing comes close.- Red Book Solutions Customer
Our industry and needs are constantly changing. Red Book Solutions is a great partner that keeps us on track and is responsive to our needs.- Red Book Solutions Customer
Being organized and ready are two very important factors in keeping my day running well. By using The Manager’s Red Book and educating my employees to use the tools it provides makes these tasks easy to accomplish and guarantees we are always ready for not just the business of the day but any visits or inspection that we all deal also helps us ensure adherence to our standards and follow-up with any issues keep my team on track and always headed in the right direction.- Red Book Solutions Customer
We have been using The Manager’s Red Book for years and are very happy with the quality of our books and also with the ability to customize them to suit our franchise. We are able to make changes as often as needed, which is very important to keep our managers up to date with necessary tools and information. Definitely a valuable tool!- Red Book Solutions Customer

And, there are things that we continue to learn and will be focusing on to get right in the future:

“I do not like using the book and it contains to much unnecessary information.”

“For our store we don’t have time to use them.”

“A little time consuming to complete properly.”

“I was not trained when I started about how to use the book.”

Some themes that we notice within this feedback after we talk to you further have to do with change management in using the tool at each of your locations and collecting feedback from your users to improve it’s value. We need to do a better job in offering you assistance in this area. Our Customer Success Managers can help you implement engagement tools such as user experience surveys to ensure that you have maximized your investment in The Manager’s Red Book. It can take a few months of your time to rollout a customized version of The Manager’s Red Book and we want to ensure that each location has the most updated content and is easy to use, and your managers are aware of it’s purpose. We are also evaluating online and digital technologies that will help make collecting user feedback more timely and easier to analyze as well.

Since our merger with HotSchedules, we can now offer great software-as-a-service products in addition to The Manager’s Red Book. For example, HotSchedules Recruit makes it easy to find and hire the best hourly workers, then you can develop their skills using mobile, video training with HotSchedules Train and then create accurate, time and labor-dollar saving online employee schedules with HotSchedules’ labor products.. Please visit to learn more about all of the solutions designed to help you deliver time and cost savings to your bottom line.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are committed to continuing our Voice of the Customer program so we can continue to learn how to better serve you. Please let us know if you would like to be contacted directly to discuss any idea, critique or anything that will allow you to achieve your Brand Promise at each of your locations.


Tom Frengillo
Vice President and General Manager
Red Book Solutions, a HotSchedules Company

Tom Frengillo

Vice President and General Manager