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Doreen Talarico

Doreen Talarico has been in a Customer Service/Sales role for over 20 years. Along with extensive training and experience, she’s passionate at building relationships, gaining trust, and consulting with clients. Since the beginning of her career, Customer Service was a natural fit. She’s naturally a great listener and her focus is to end each customer contact with a solution.

Recently, Doreen had a new client that had to accelerate their arrival date to meet a very tight distribution deadline. In order to meet this date, she had to rally both her team and other departments to get this order out faster than originally planned. However, upgrading shipping charges would be needed to achieve this goal. The client agreed to the upgrade charge, understood, but wasn’t totally satisfied with the new price quote for the shipping charges. In working with our logistics team and our vendor/partner, we were able to make a “miracle” happen. We managed to squeeze the pallet on an already scheduled plane that had room. Not only did the client get the books on time, but at a fraction of the price we quoted. Needless to say they were THRILLED with the news and very appreciative of her efforts. We can’t always end up with this kind of result but the effort she puts into finding solutions speaks volumes to our clients. And regardless of outcome, her customers always appreciate her efforts.

Doreen does not consider herself a sales person as she listens and responds to the clients needs and proposes a solution which may or may not include our products. She never hesitates to suggest or recommend a solution/product and let the client determine if that’s a good fit for them or not. Because Doreen tends to over share, it makes her clients comfortable enough to tell her about challenges they face as an organization and ask if we have any solutions to help them.

Doreen is a 10 year veteran with Red Book Solutions/HotSchedules with more than 125 unique accounts and owns the responsibility of “wowing” every single one of them. Doreen’s passion is ensuring her clients receive the best experience possible and always adding value to their business. She instinctively goes above and beyond because she believes if the role was reversed, that’s the way she’d like to be treated.

Doreen is a Denver native, a graduate of Metro State and Denver Business College. She is married (20 years) to Dominic Talarico who owns and operates a food truck, Talarico’s Italian Taste, specializing in pizza, pasta, and meatball and sausage sandwiches.

Doreen and Dominic have two children, Andre 20, and Seaira 17. Andre has played ice hockey for many years and is being scouted by several US teams. Seaira has danced and been involved in numerous competitions since she was 2. Whew! The kids activities have kept Doreen and her husband very busy.

Doreen instinctively goes above and beyond because she believes if the role was reversed, that’s the way she’d like to be treated.
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