Ready to go digital?

Now you can view your Manager’s Red Book on your phone or tablet! Take the guesswork out of your guest work with mobile task and shift communication tools that ensure employees deliver the same great experience every time, at every location.

Keep Shifts Consistent

Create tasks, to-do’s and temperature checks that employees and managers use on a daily basis. Never worry about whether or not they’re following protocol and ensure that guests get the same great experience every day, at every store.

Solve Communication Breakdowns

The days of endless emails and forgotten voicemails are over. Create regular to-dos and follow-ups for employees and managers. Get notifications on your mobile device and respond to FOH and BOH issues before they become a problem.

Log Employee and Shift Information

Sales, maintenance, guest complaints, employee discipline – whatever happens during the shift, you’ve got it logged in one spot, by day, time and category so it’s easily searchable at a later date.

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“Finding comments about something or someone is easy with the Logbook. Just type the name or term in the search field and poof – all the notes appear. You can also set the date range to hone in on a specific time period.”- Josh Neufeld, Managing Partner, Chili's Durham, NC