Run the perfect shift with the companion
app to The Manager’s Red Book

For 30 years and counting, the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries have relied on The Manager’s Red Book to keep your operations on track and your customer experience consistent.

Red Book Keep takes your operations mobile. It documents the critical pages and tasks from your books and pushes them to a secure space in the cloud from one, easy-to-use mobile app.


Run the Perfect Shift

Restaurant managers run through hundreds of tasks a day. The Red Book Keep App reinforces the control and communication that The Manager’s Red Book gives them, every day.

Capture Critical Pages

Take a snapshot of individual pages from your Manager’s Red Book and associate it with specific tasks.

View Line and Food Safety Checklists

Take a snapshot of your line and food safety checklists to send to corporate leadership to review and archive.

Comment on Logs

Open up the lines of communication between in-store managers and above-store leaders. Make comments on individual pages and keep everyone on the same digital page.

Track Pages from your Manager’s Red Books

Document your stores’ tasks and keep managers and above-store leaders up-to-date on progress.

Send Feedback to Corporate

Easily send corporate teams feedback on ways to improve how your Manager’s Red Books get used in the store on a daily basis.

Drive Adoption & Accountability

Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s going on in your stores right now? With the Red Book Keep app, your Manager’s Red Book checklists are replicated in the app and your managers can send snapshots of their shifts in real-time.

View the Status of Tasks

View the status of any task at any of your locations and stay on top of your manager’s shift-to-shift communication, progress and performance over time. You can also search for specific pages from the past.

See Completion Rates

See how well your managers are completing their checklists and use that information to drive the right kind of behaviors. View all locations at once or drill down into various hierarchies. Toggle to see your completion rates by day or for the full week.

Capture Feedback

Give your managers and staff a single forum to provide feedback on the content and checklists in your Manager’s Red Books.

Make Intelligent Improvements

Give your stores a voice! Once you’ve captured their feedback, you and your Manager’s Red Book team can make more informed global changes to your content quarterly.


Run the perfect shift with the companion app to The Manager’s Red Book

``The Red Book Keep App has cut down our managers' time. For our above store leaders, we love that all of the activity happening at the store level is in one place. We go to one app, choose the store and the date and all of our store activity is there.`` - Anne Winegar, District Manager, Bohme LLC, a retail store with over 16 locations across the Midwest.

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